Forward 2023: National Heirs Property Conference


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Organization hosting this event: The Federation of Southern Cooperatives

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Land ownership represents an important source of wealth and economic stability in the African American community.  It is estimated that 60% of all Black-owned land is owned as heirs' property.

The FORWARD 2023 Boot Camp creates an opportunity for 100 heirs’ property landowners to get practical information for resolving their heirs’ property issues including an in-depth 12-month checklist to guide their efforts to clear title, create an estate plan, resolve family conflicts, and much more. With this year’s joint landowner-practitioner Boot Camp, landowners will also get the opportunity to interact directly with 100 heirs’ property practitioners including attorneys, tax professionals, USDA professionals, and academic experts who will share best practices and strategies to help landowners take active steps to transform their heirs’ property from a liability to a wealth-generating asset.