Common Ground Gathering


Time: 2:00-5:00

Location: Soulful Prairies

Organization hosting this event: Angelic Organics Learning Center, McHenry County College’s Center for Agrarian Learning, The Land Conservancy of McHenry County, and Liberty Prairie Foundation

Price $10…

Register now for the 4th annual Common Ground Gathering, a uniquely fun opportunity to network around land access, learn, and celebrate the season together at the beautiful Soulful Prairies farm.

This year we’re focusing the learning portion of the event on creative solutions to land access.  

You’ll be hearing from Silvia Abel-Caines of Garlic eScape Farm, who recently secured access to a 30-acre farm through the The Conservation Fund’s Working Farms Fund. For the past three years, Silvia had been driving three and a half hours to where her garlic was planted in western Wisconsin, so this was a major land access success. She’ll share more about her land access journey and the opportunity to work with this program that just expanded to the Chicago region. Emy Brawley, The Conservation Fund’s Great Lakes Regional Director, will walk through the details of the Working Farm Fund’s unique land access approach. 

You’ll also be hearing from Claire Hodge (Sunfleck Farm) and Katie Kelley (Terra Vitae Farms) who lease land at Soulful Prairies, as well as the landowner, Linda Bruce. Ever since Linda acquired the 80 acres, she has been committed to making the farm a community gathering spot and to sharing the land with small-scale farmers. You’ll hear what the arrangements are and how they’re working for everyone involved.

We’ll also want to hear from you! Everyone has a unique land access journey to tell, whether as a landowner or a land seeker. So come prepared to share your story, make friends, enjoy tasty, local beer, and fortify the fabric of the good food movement. We hope that you’ll join us!