New Farmland Profile - Cameron's Farm (Lake County)


A map of Cameron's land

Cameron Chisholm was previously a land seeker on our site. When an alpaca farm went up for sale just a mile from his current home though, he bought it instantly and came back to us two months ago under a new category - landowner. Now he is looking to share this land with an intermediate beginning farmer interested in starting their own project and/or helping implement a food forest, Cameron’s long-term vision for the property.  

Cameron’s ten-acre farm is located in Wadsworth, Illinois, and is split into two main sections. The first section has a large barn, complete with stalls, equipment storage, water, and electricity, plus a four-acre field behind this. The field is fenced off on three sides and shaded with black walnut trees. There is also an acre of woods to the west of the barn. The second section is a six-acre field. There is no water access in this field and no fencing around it. The field was previously planted in conventional corn and soy. This year it has not been tilled or planted. There is no farmer housing on the property, but the location is a short drive from downtown Wadsworth where there are a variety of rental options.

Cameron has several ideas for viable enterprises on this land, which could also be integrated into the food forest vision if the farmer was interested. These enterprises include: small ruminants, pastured pigs, poultry, mushrooms, bees, and vegetables. With regards to the food forest, Cameron has 1,000 trees he is hoping to plant in October, but is open to shifting these plans to the spring. He believes the ideal candidate will be a self-starter, motivated to learn, and open to collaboration. This is a promising opportunity for a farmer looking to start their own project with little to no overhead and/or to participate in the first phases of starting a food forest.

Cameron is still in the process of figuring out what the exact form of a partnership might look like but encourages all interested parties to reach out. You can find his profile here.