New Farmland Profile - Pearl Farm (Boone County)

Map of Pearl Farm

Kristine Schnor’s ten-acre property, Pearl Farm, is located in Boone County less than five miles from highway I-90 and a 20-minute drive from Rockford. The location, acreage, and option to rent a three-bedroom home on the property make this a great opportunity for a farmer with three or more years of experience looking to start their own vegetable, grain, or poultry business. 

The property is split into two sections - buildings with half an acre of open ground near the home and eight acres out back. The larger section has been in conventional corn production for the last two years and was in hay before that. There are two large sheds on the property - one originally intended for livestock with a dirt floor, electric, and water and one originally intended for storage with a concrete floor and electric. There are also several concrete slabs around the property from previous buildings that could be used for temporary structures (i.e. wash shed, pack shed).

3 bedroom house available for rent

The three-bedroom/one-bath home is available to rent, but Kristine intends to keep this arrangement separate from the farmland. She is hoping to find a tenant for the home by mid-October, so anyone interested in the full package (farmland + home rental) is encouraged to review the profile ASAP and see if it’s a good fit.

When we spoke with Kristine on the phone, she was articulate and knowledgeable about what small-scale, sustainable farmers need to thrive. We weren’t one bit surprised when we found out she used to run a small CSA with her husband.

She is excited to transition this property from conventional corn production to a farmer who prioritizes sustainable practices and a commitment to the local community.

However, Kristine is not naive to the trials and tribulations of small-scale farmers. She wants to ensure the farmer she partners with is realistic about the labor and time commitments of farming and has thought through their business plan in relation to this land and the nearby markets.

As mentioned above, Kristine is working within a tight timeline to find a tenant for the home. The additional farmland will be available once all the corn has been harvested in the fall. We encourage anyone who is interested to create a profile on our site, carefully read the Pearl Farm profile, and then send Kristine what she requested in her profile - an email with your farm experience, a high level summary  of your business plan, and other pertinent information (knowledge of local markets, other useful experience, off-farm income, etc.). You can view the profile here.