14 Acres of Boone County Farmland For Sale to Sustainable Food Farmer

14 acres for sale in Capron IL

We’ve received news of 14.42 acres of farmland for sale in Capron, Illinois (Boone County). The family intends to list and market the property publicly through a real estate agent very soon (March 5) but has agreed to wait a few weeks to first make the land available to the sustainable food farming community. 

The asking price is $125,000, and the property is zoned R4. R4 zoning means a home could be built on the property. Because the land is assessed for agricultural use yet zoned for residential development, we recommend that anyone interested do their due diligence with the county and the town of Capron. It’s vital that you make sure your farming and building goals will be permitted.

There is approximately 66 feet of frontage along N Wooster Street within the city limits of Capron. The land has no infrastructure and has been used for row crop farming for many years. Records indicate an average soil productivity index around 110 and little gradient. It sits adjacent to agricultural land as well as residential and commercial properties.

capron Illinois farmland for sale

Farmland often changes hands quickly within the farming community without being listed. In this case, the tenant farmer who has farmed the land for many years was offered the land, but he turned the opportunity down. He had recently purchased a different tract of farmland. That the land is being made available to the local food farming community before being listed is a rarity.

Another promising highlight of this property is its proximity to housing options that appear economical. Across the street is an apartment complex. Multiple condos and/or duplexes are under construction nearby. There are also several homes adjacent to the property along Wooster St. None of these are currently for sale, but if they did become available, a farmer could have the potential for living right next to the land.  

Because of the limited window of time this farmland will be privately available, we encourage you to act immediately if you are interested. 

To connect with the landowner, please reply to this email or email Nathan at nathan@libertyprairie.org, and we will put you in contact right away. Property and tax information can be found here