Northern Illinois Farmland Opportunity for a Grazier

sugar prairie wildlife corridor map

Landowner Nina Langoussis came across our farmlink website and described it as a “godsend.” 

Nina is on the lookout for partners or tenants to graze livestock on her land and is hopeful that networking through the Northeast Illinois FarmLink community might surface the right connections. Her 113 acres are located in Rockton, Illinois, about 20 miles north of Rockford. Her regenerative goals for her farm are part of a larger vision Nina has of a contiguous corridor of habitat and sustainably farmed land between the Sugar and Rock Rivers. 

She is hopeful her land will be the right opportunity for a grazier looking to start their operation, expand their herd size, or contract graze for added forage.

Of her 113 acres, 90 can be used for grazing. Around two-thirds of those 90 acres are restored prairie, and one-third is in pasture. The pastureland has a fair amount of fencing in place that would need work to be tight again but could be functional in its current condition. There is also a grove of mature black locust trees on the property that can be turned into fence posts for fence repair or expansion. A house, old dairy barn, and a couple smaller structures sit near the front of the property where there is electricity and water access. Water would need to be transported elsewhere on the property.
sugar prairie wildlife corridor

Nina lives in the home but is open to discussing living arrangements on the farm for a grazier utilizing the land. She currently cares for two Dexter cows (one just calved!), several goats, and chickens. Depending on the farmer’s needs and proximity, Nina is open to some form of partnership where she could help keep an eye on animals.

Walking the land, you easily see the beauty and the potential of the vision Nina is committed to realizing. “The main thing I grow on the farm is habitat,” Nina said.

Nina’s land is a significant opportunity for partners looking for affordable grazing land or the flexibility to grow other eco-businesses.

If you’d like to be connected with Nina about this opportunity, email Jim at and we'll put you in touch with her. Farmers with a profile can login on the FarmLink site and view her comprehensive profile here.

dexter cattle on pastureoutbuildings at sugar prairie wildlife corridorgoats and barn