FarmLink Website Gets a Makeover

FarmLink Website Gets a Makeover

Has it been a while since you visited the Northeast Illinois FarmLink website? Be sure to check out the new look and features we’ve just added.

One of our primary goals was to give you a more user-friendly experience. So, for example, on the home page, you will notice a new informational section that automatically displays key information about the latest farm profiles, news articles, and current events in one convenient place. 

Other helpful design tweaks are integrated throughout the site as well. One worth noting is the addition of status indicators attached to profiles. On the Find a Farmer and Find Farmland pages you’ll notice yellow highlighted tags next to profile listings that read either “New” or “Active.” “New” designates a profile published to the site recently. “Active” indicates that the profile creator has logged into their account within the last 60 days. This will help users quickly recognize new profiles and know if profile creators are actively using the site.

Another is the “Resources” option on the main menu bar. If you have not already gone to this page (which used to be rather hard to find), check it out today as it gives you access to some of the best insights on key farmland access topics from around the country. Knowledge gives you power and makes you more efficient in what you do. It can also prevent costly mistakes.

Finally, we want to highlight our Free Advising page. The page explains the free advising service we offer. We are here to offer you advice on your farmland search or farmer search strategy, to help you find the right connections and resources, and to figure out the next best steps to help you meet your goal. We are also ready to give you encouragement. Fill out the form on the Free Advising page, and we’d be happy to schedule a time to talk.

We hope you will visit the Northeast Illinois FarmLink website regularly as your central hub for farmland information, resources, and connection in the region. We currently host 37 farmer profiles and 11 farm profiles, with new profiles beings added each month.