June 2022

Thursday, 12:30

The Agroforestry Series: Agroforestry 101

Learn agroforestry concepts and techniques that can help landowners and farmers meet their conservation and business goals.

Saturday, 9:30-1:00

Food Forest Learning Tour

This half-day learning session and field walk will give landowners and farmers insights into the theory and realities of the food forest.
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March 2022

Wednesday, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Making Succession Planning a Success for Your Family & Farmland

In this webinar, you’ll get insights into farmland succession planning that will help get your family from thinking about addressing succession issues to actually taking tangible steps to doing so. You’ll come away with practical advice and hope.

October 2021

Thursday, 6:30 - 8 p.m.

Farmland Conservation Easements 101

If you’re a farmland owner or a farmer looking for land, there’s a legal tool you should know about – the farmland conservation easement.

If you are a landowner, a farmland conservation easement could help you to preserve farmland that is a family legacy. If you own the land you farm, an easement could also help you generate funds to reinvest in your farm operation and work out the best possible succession arrangement.

If you are a farmer who doesn’t own land, the farmland conservation easement can, in many cases (especially near urban areas), make a farmland purchase more affordable for you to buy.

September 2021

Thursday, 6-8pm

Buying Rural Farmland 101

FINDING AND BUYING RURAL FARMLAND is not the same as finding and buying a house in a city or a suburb. So gear up to go about it in a wise way by attending this webinar. The three experienced speakers will cover everything from a good search strategy and how to find the right realtor to understanding the purchase process, assessing the total property package (including septic fields and wells), financing, appraisals, and even adjusting to rural life. Two hours isn’t enough time to cover everything, but you’ll come away with a much better understanding than you had coming in.